Wednesday, November 26, 2008

one down, one to go

fall 255e
I finished the first mitten for my sis last week and then didn't pick up my needles again until last night. Hopefully the second will go just as quickly as the first (minus the frogging, of course).

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a few of my favourite things

my needles
a collection of knitting needles, some new, some bought from a local thrift store but most passed down to me from my Grandma. I love the history behind them.

Monday, November 17, 2008

knittin' mittens

My sister requested some mittens for Christmas so of course that's what I'm making her. As little girls we got a pair of hand-knit mittens every year from our great grandma so I have to admit I'm feeling pretty nostalgic about these which influenced me a bit when choosing a pattern. Anyways, I thought these would take a lot longer but I started last night and am already half way done the first mitten.
mittens for sheila

Friday, November 14, 2008

what i'm working on

a few of the things that are keeping me busy in the evenings.

fall 180a
the infamous hat that I started a year ago but forgot where I'd gotten the pattern from. it needs to be seamed up and have a few other finishing touches added, but I'm pretty pleased with it since it's my first knitting project.

fall 168b
the booga bag that I am knitting for my mom for christmas.

fall 174b
a cozy neck warmer for me. it'll have 3 chunky wooden buttons and crocheted button loops to hold it on.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

a little repair

before my son was born we briefly had a puppy, named Charlie. He was the first dog I'd ever had and I loved him despite the fact that he destroyed anything he looked at and left many an object completely mangled and unrecognizable. He was a chocolate lab crossed with a german short-haired pointer and he was full of spunk and curiosity. One particular weekend he somehow managed to get into our bedroom even though the door was tightly shut and when we got home we were welcomed to a confetti of chewed and scattered debris. Amongst the rubble was this super long scarf of mine that I loved and it was completely torn in half with many other holes and tears in the remaining bits. I didn't know how to knit at the time but being the pack-rat that I am I've hung on to it for the last 3+ years. I finally pulled it out tonight and unravelled it past all the damage and have started to re-knit as much as I can with the scraps that are left. it may end up a little shorted and not quite as perfect but it's a fairly chunky, garter stitch so I figure it won't be too noticeable. Hopefully I can graft the two ends back together easily enough. I've never attempted that but I'm aways up for a challenge.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

a bit of inspiration

I can't get enough of the purl bee. If you have a free moment (or hour) I'd highly recommend checking it out. I've already started a mental list of project ideas from the many tutorials there. Why is it that there is always more projects then time? anyways I just stumbled upon these amazingly cute embroidered covered buttons. Can't you just imagine them on sweet little knitted mary janes or down the front of a cardigan for a little girl (or boy for that matter depending on what you embroider on it.)

Friday, November 7, 2008

a little obsession

I have to admit that I have a little obsession with bird things. anything that has a cute little bird on it or is shaped like a bird catches my eye. I'm not sure what it is about them really, maybe because I was called chickadee by my mom my whole life, maybe because they seem so cheerful and free-spirited. Whatever it is I can't get enough. I've been oogling things like the bird in hand mittens by Kate Gilbert (I don't know if you can tell by the pics but there is a tiny little bird on the inside of the thumbs) these satisfy my obsession with mittens as well but then that's a whole other post. I also love these mittens from the Vogueknitting fall 2008 (I need to get my hands on this issue hmmm) ok enough mittens! Etsy is particularly dangerous because there are endless lists of drool-worthy things such as these sweet bluebird charms, this charming necklace, or these simple and graphic notecards. I remember a sweater I had as a little girl that had buttons down the front with little bluebirds, thankfully I have a mom who is sentimental and loves to save buttons so if I can find these buttons in her button box I'll have to use them on some project of my own. I could go on and on but I'll leave you instead with this pic of something from my current bird collection, a bird shaped lemon sqeezer-thingy for tea (very technical I know but I'm not really sure what else to call it)

a bird in the hand...

note to self

if you knit something following a pattern from a book from the library writing the title or even the name of the author done before returning the book might just be a good idea, especially if you haven't finished the project.

seems obvious right? you would think, but last fall when I first took up knitting a started this adorable little pixie toque for Oliver from a book I had out from the library at the time. It knit up super fast but I had never sewed up a project before (well actually I this was my first attempt at knitting anything other then a few gauge swatches) so I put it off in fear of ruining forward a year and a move later and I decided to pick up my knitting again. The book had long since been returned by this point and I have absolutely no idea what book it was from. I'm pretty sure if I saw the cover that I would remember what book it was, but the trouble is that not all books on the library website have cover pics so I just request a few books that sound interesting and hope that eventually I'll come across the mystery book. Well my first batch of books were on hold at the library so I went to pick them up and wouldn't you know it! as I'm scanning the books to check out there was the cover with THE hat on it. I almost squealed out loud. so needless to say I've added the book to my library on ravelry so at least it's documented now. oh and for those wondering the book is Knitting for Two by Erika Knight. It's a great book full of cute patterns.

I've been on the hunt for the perfect pancake recipe. I have to admit that I'm pretty picky about pancakes. I'm not a fan of mixes, I find they just taste like chemicals and who can enjoy that. So the other day I decided to make pancakes for lunch so I turned to my trusty Martha to search for a recipe to try. 30 min later I'm completely amazed at how many different types of pancakes are out there. who knew! I decide on her recipe for basic pancakes. They are AMAZING. so fluffy and tasty and better yet the recipe is super simple. I'm thinking of mixing up a couple of batches of the dry ingredients to have on hand although it goes together so quickly I'm not sure it's really worth it. I'd share a picture of these pancakes with you but I don't have one so you'll have to settle for the little boy who gobbled them up.

my boy

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I never know where to begin with a blog. This isn't the first blog I've started....I'm pretty sure it won't be my last as I'm sort of a restless blogger. I always feel a little silly doing an intro of sorts as I'm not really convinced anyone really reads my blog. Anyways I'm hoping this will become a place that keeps my creative juices flowing and possibly inspires a few along the way. Lately I've been feeling the pull back to creating and making things, something I've always loved and based my pre-motherhood career around. It's funny how a couple years of very little sleep or adult interaction can make your mind go sort of blank, but I'm looking at it as a clean slate to start new hobbies and try new things.

Recently, I've taken up (again) knitting. I taught myself last fall/winter by watching The Art of Knitting & Crochet while I would put my son down for his naps. Worked like a charm! I learned to knit and it inevitably knocked my son out within minutes. Like usual I was sidetracked by some other creative pursuit but with a new baby on the way I find myself invested in creating a little stash of hand-knit things to bundle it in. Thank goodness this baby is due in the winter.