Thursday, November 6, 2008


I never know where to begin with a blog. This isn't the first blog I've started....I'm pretty sure it won't be my last as I'm sort of a restless blogger. I always feel a little silly doing an intro of sorts as I'm not really convinced anyone really reads my blog. Anyways I'm hoping this will become a place that keeps my creative juices flowing and possibly inspires a few along the way. Lately I've been feeling the pull back to creating and making things, something I've always loved and based my pre-motherhood career around. It's funny how a couple years of very little sleep or adult interaction can make your mind go sort of blank, but I'm looking at it as a clean slate to start new hobbies and try new things.

Recently, I've taken up (again) knitting. I taught myself last fall/winter by watching The Art of Knitting & Crochet while I would put my son down for his naps. Worked like a charm! I learned to knit and it inevitably knocked my son out within minutes. Like usual I was sidetracked by some other creative pursuit but with a new baby on the way I find myself invested in creating a little stash of hand-knit things to bundle it in. Thank goodness this baby is due in the winter.

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