Thursday, November 13, 2008

a little repair

before my son was born we briefly had a puppy, named Charlie. He was the first dog I'd ever had and I loved him despite the fact that he destroyed anything he looked at and left many an object completely mangled and unrecognizable. He was a chocolate lab crossed with a german short-haired pointer and he was full of spunk and curiosity. One particular weekend he somehow managed to get into our bedroom even though the door was tightly shut and when we got home we were welcomed to a confetti of chewed and scattered debris. Amongst the rubble was this super long scarf of mine that I loved and it was completely torn in half with many other holes and tears in the remaining bits. I didn't know how to knit at the time but being the pack-rat that I am I've hung on to it for the last 3+ years. I finally pulled it out tonight and unravelled it past all the damage and have started to re-knit as much as I can with the scraps that are left. it may end up a little shorted and not quite as perfect but it's a fairly chunky, garter stitch so I figure it won't be too noticeable. Hopefully I can graft the two ends back together easily enough. I've never attempted that but I'm aways up for a challenge.

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