Wednesday, February 17, 2010


so sorry for the recent lack of posting. i've been very busy so hopefully you can forgive me. i think winter has decided to completely skip over us this year, and while i'm not complaining (who could complain about the glorious sunshine we've been enjoying?!) it is a little sad that lovely little hand knit goodies like cowls and mittens and hats have not been entirely useful this year. that said, i have some recent FO's (finished objects) to share with you and some current projects on the needles.

i finally finished a project i started at the beginning of the new year...turns out they are mittens!

finished just in time for...spring?!

finished just in time for...spring?!

i also used one skein of my malabrigo chunky for a Doroles Park Cowl although i haven't managed to get a picture of me wearing it. it is soooo cozy and warm! i wore it to watch the Olympic torch relay come through town. what an amazing experience! i found it surprisingly moving.

speaking of the Olympics, i've entered a challenge through my LYS and cast on for my first pair of socks during the opening ceremonies. the challenge is trying to finish the project by the closing ceremonies. i'm using cookie a.'s monkey pattern and am really loving it so far. i've made a few changes like making the height a couple repeats shorter and changed the heel flap to eye of partridge. the fact that i actually know what i'm talking about makes me a little giddy. i think i say to my husband "can you believe i'm knitting socks!?" oh about every 5 minutes while i'm knitting. i think it's getting a little old haha.

in non-knitting related news i've acquired a new toy of dad's old SLR. i used it some during high school and college but i've basically forgotten everything since then. i'm super stoked to get some film and play around with it a bit.

a new toy ;)

i think that's all the news from over here. spring is definitely in the air and i find myself making garden plans. i'm hoping to do a little vegetable garden this year with the help of my son. i know it's something he'll enjoy all aspects of it right down to the eating. anyways until next time...


  1. wow, where to begin. the pictures! the mittens! I am amazed and inspired. I love the chunky cable in those mittens.

  2. thanks Mom :) i think I could be sweet talked in to knitting you a pair of these mittens!

  3. Can I sweet talk you into something too? ;)

    Can't wait to see how the socks turn out! Hurry and finish them and win something!

    Go Colleen! Go Colleen!!! :)

  4. haha thanks Tanya! and of course you can ;)