Monday, February 1, 2010

february already

i can hardly believe it!! another thing i can hardly believe? this cold is still kicking my butt. i'm starting to get a little stir-crazy, but on the plus side i'm feeling very inspired from all the down time i've had to work on projects, ready knitting magazines and so on. we had a nice quiet weekend at home which was such a change for us. normally weekends around here are spent running errands that we can't do during the week (we are a one car household so the kids and i are without a car while my husband is at work).

i was given a gift certificate to our local yarn shop for my birthday a couple weeks back so last saturday my sister and i had a girls day out to ooooh and ahhhh and pet all the fantastic yarns. after going back and forth....and back....and forth i finally settled on...

you guessed it.

some more malabrigo. (big surprise eh?)

i did branch out and try the chunky this time and it is just as squishy and buttery soft as the worsted and silky merino i already have. it's time, i think, to start turning these into projects. my problem there is that i am a very indecisive person and the longer i have to pet these velvety skeins the more project ideas i have and the harder it is to decide. but, i have come to a decision for a few things.
  • my new chunky malabrigo will be used for the Dolores Park Cowl by Parikha Mehta and possibly some kind of fingerless mitt if I have enough
  • i've had these mitts in mind even before i was really hooked on knitting, when the only knitty site i really new about was knitty so as of right now i'll be using my worsted merino in "paris night" to make a pair for myself. i've also considered making a pair of mittens inspired by these or a variety of different get my point about being indecisive...
  • all i know for my silky merino is that i'm making a shawl of some kind.
i'm really intrigued by sock knitting. i'm also scared of it. i don't know why. my favourite thing to knit is mittens which are really not much different from socks. in fact, they have thumbs which you would think would make them a little more complicated. the only think i can think about socks is that the yarn is alot thinner then any yarn i've worked with. it's good to do things that scare you though right? i think i'll have to add a sock pattern to my(growing) list of must-knits.

sorry about my rambling on about knitting. it's one of the first hobbies i've found that i find relaxing rather then frustrating so i'm a bit inlove with it at the moment.

on that note i'll leave you with a pic of the hat that i knit for my son last week. i used the Thorpe pattern but had to improvise a bit as my yarn was much bulkier, and my gauge was consequently much larger. it turned out though and he is stoked with it (which was the whole point) so i'm happy. I still need to stitch a red maple leaf onto the front and i have added long ties to the earflaps since the picture was taken but you get the gist.

Chunky Thorpe


  1. What a cute kid! And it's a cute hat too! :)

  2. that hat and your son, bot TOTTALY adorable!

  3. both, totally.
    sheesh I can't type today.

  4. haha i can totally relate. i'm a horrible typer and completely reliant on spell check ;)

    thank-you for the nice comment.