Thursday, January 7, 2010

coming along

coming along, originally uploaded by colleensimply.
i'm completely enjoying this knit. fave project so far i think. i love jumping into a project that seems a little beyond my experience and forcing myself to learn. things learned so far:
  • cable knitting is not as complicated as it looks but is very satisfying to knit. a lot of "bang for your buck"
  • i really enjoy knitting for other people. i have yet to knit (or at least finish) anything for myself and i'm totally fine with that.
  • i gave the magic-loop method a go rather then fiddling with dpn (double pointed needles) and while i found it mildly frustrating at first i've really gotten into the swing of it and i'm hooked. so far my best crafty investment has been my knit picks options. i know i've said this before but i love circular needles. they really are so versatile.
so there's my little update. it was also my sweet baby girls first birthday yesterday. where did the year go. i'm hoping to post about her party after the weekend so stay tuned for that.