Friday, January 29, 2010

i had intended to do a few posts this week but i was hit with a killer cold saturday night that has left me with a crashing headache, a cough and sinus pressure. fun times! so i've had a little more down time then usual which means i've had a little more time for knitting. hooray! i also just discovered the wonderful world of podcasts. i know i'm probably a little late on this but oh my! they are my new favourite thing. i've been listening to a couple knitting podcasts in the evenings. one is the KnitPicks podcast and the other is nevernotknitting's podcast. i feel like podcasts are to blogging what audio books are to reading. i'm a fan. anyways i feel a coughing fit coming on so i'm gonna go for now but i'll be back soon with a post about what i've been working on. hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

so i just discovered a site that has the potential to suck all of my free time. it's an amazing fashion site that lets you create collages. it's like a giant digital inspiration board. i've always saved pages from magazines that i found inspiring and during fashion design school one of my fave parts of the projects was to put together a storyboard to set the mood for my designs. anyways if you haven't heard of polyvore you should definitely check it out. here are o couple of collages i did during nap time today:

Monday, January 18, 2010

hello sunshine, hello 28

i can not get over the beautiful sunshine we are getting today. GORGEOUS. it renews my hope that spring is around the corner. so far life as a 28-yr-old has treated me very well. i celebrated my 28th birthday on friday, just 9 days after my sweet daughter celebrated her first birthday, and i admit that at first 28 seemed very old to me but then i realized that in 2 short years i get to be at the beginning of a decade again instead of the end, like turning 30 will be like turning 20 all over again, and then i felt better.

a little excited maybe.

and so i've made a decision to make changes to improve myself so that i can head into my thirties the best version of ME yet. one of the biggest changes i'm making is to finally loose this "baby" weight once and for all and to be in amazing shape. i'll be blogging more about this journey here if you want to follow that part of my journey more (and i can always appreciate some incouragement) i've got some crafty aspirations as well such as knitting without a pattern and eventually designing my own patterns. the thought of that has got me more excited and inspired then i have been in far too long. i used to eat.sleep.breathe anything fashion or design. somehow in the business of motherhood i've lost that part of me but the glimmer of it has given me hope and a little refreshment.

a little message from Yogi Tea

Thursday, January 7, 2010

coming along

coming along, originally uploaded by colleensimply.
i'm completely enjoying this knit. fave project so far i think. i love jumping into a project that seems a little beyond my experience and forcing myself to learn. things learned so far:
  • cable knitting is not as complicated as it looks but is very satisfying to knit. a lot of "bang for your buck"
  • i really enjoy knitting for other people. i have yet to knit (or at least finish) anything for myself and i'm totally fine with that.
  • i gave the magic-loop method a go rather then fiddling with dpn (double pointed needles) and while i found it mildly frustrating at first i've really gotten into the swing of it and i'm hooked. so far my best crafty investment has been my knit picks options. i know i've said this before but i love circular needles. they really are so versatile.
so there's my little update. it was also my sweet baby girls first birthday yesterday. where did the year go. i'm hoping to post about her party after the weekend so stay tuned for that.

Monday, January 4, 2010

in need of a little help

ok, now what?

i'm super stoked about the immersion blender i got for Christmas. SUPER stoked. i already have a long list queued up of soups i'm dying to make. but i'm sure there are other things i can use it for that i'm not even fathoming. so i'm wondering, what are some of your fave recipes using an immersion blender?