Wednesday, January 20, 2010

so i just discovered a site that has the potential to suck all of my free time. it's an amazing fashion site that lets you create collages. it's like a giant digital inspiration board. i've always saved pages from magazines that i found inspiring and during fashion design school one of my fave parts of the projects was to put together a storyboard to set the mood for my designs. anyways if you haven't heard of polyvore you should definitely check it out. here are o couple of collages i did during nap time today:


  1. Oooh, cute! I want to try that!

    P.S. - I love the way your blog looks! What layout are you using?
    And I am guessing you made the buttons and the header, right?
    Makes me sad for my pathetic blog :)

  2. yes you should try it!!! but beware it is SUPER addicting :)

    Thanks Tanya. I'm just using the Minima Layout but I used a tutorial i found to change it to three columns instead of two. I did make the buttons and header. you know you can always talk me into making something for you ;)

  3. That's true, huh? :) Let me know if you have some spare time to do it and I'll take you up on it!

    I like a lot of the layouts blogger has and then the ones I found too, but I don't like how the pictures should be tiny....

  4. oh I LOVE this!! the anticipation one is my fav!