Monday, July 6, 2009

suburban paradise

little oasis
well we survived our move and are trying to settle into our new home. i have to say that so far i am loving it here and i really think we'll be very happy while we are here. one thing that i am particularly excited about is our japanese maple tree in the backyard {ie small cement patio=tiny piece of concrete heaven} growing up we always had one of these trees in our front yard so they always feel like "home" to me.
a little piece of heaven

stay tuned for posts on our little herb garden and a gimp tutorial for a friend


  1. I'm sure your son must love having a place to play(hockey!) all to himself! Enjoy your tree! Can't wait to see it!

  2. yes, we can't wait to have you over to see the place :)

  3. Welcome to your new place. We planted a little Japanese Maple right outside of our bedroom window. I love the darn things too...

  4. those leaves are perfect! great pic