Friday, July 24, 2009

beautiful african fabric given to me as a "thank-you"

not alot to blog about lately. were still settling in and getting back into the swing of things but I can feel my fingers itching to do some watercolour painting or some sewing. my house is crying out for some art on the walls and some colour and texture. i was given a very generous thank-you giftcard to chapters {along with the fabric pictured above} for some design work i did so i've been oogling and making a wishlist. one thing i've decided is that with books it's a never ending list. in the meantime i've got a birthday party tomorrow to plan {my name is colleen and i'm a procrastinator} numerous knitting projects on the go or on my mind, cupcakes to bake, a house to clean and a teething baby so my hands are, needless to say, full. hope you all have a wonderful weekend


  1. You need to catch up on your blog! ASAP! :)

    And why am I not on your blogroll??? :)

  2. haha i know i need to add you!!! I've kinda played hooky thuis summer but i need to make myself start posting again.

  3. Colleen,
    First of all, thank you so much for linking Roost on your blog! I've enjoyed your posts! Im anxious to see your herb garden so I hope you will be posting about it soon :)
    I know this is random but I was wondering if you wouldnt mind changing the link you have for Roost to rather than I've been recieving some emails that some of my content is either not showing up or looking funny when people go to the site so Im trying to have all my links go to Sorry for the inconvienence :)

    (I am having Purl Bee change this as well, and I apologize for the long post but I couldnt find your email)

    Best of luck with all of your creative adventures!
    take care,

  4. Caitlin, thanks for stopping by :) I kind of played hooky from my blog this summer but I am working on an update and will definitely include some pictures and things about my herb garden.

    thanks for letting me know about the link, I changed it right away. (and no worries it was no inconvenience)

  5. Oh that picture of the leaf above...such detail, i love it! Thank you so much for making the change but when I click on the link it still takes me to the site. Maybe something is up with my computer but I just thought I would let you know....sorry :)

    Im lookin forward to more posts soon!

  6. oops I don't know what happened but it did the same for me so I've changed it again. I think maybe i forgot to save the change the first time. thanks for the compliment on the photo :)