Monday, June 22, 2009

sweet summer bliss {3.365}

ahhh strawberry season. i love this time of year when yummy fruit are in season, and days are warm and seemingly endless. these berries were imported from california and while tasty enough they are nothing compared to the tart, flavourful local berries just coming into season. i got my first sampling of local fruit yesterday and boy, there is nothing better. takes me back to my childhood of sunfilled summer days in the country at my grandparents home scavenging for wild strawberries amoungst the brush. they were hard to come by but soooooo worth the hunt.


  1. Your blog is lovely. We had strawberries this week on homemade vanilla waffles with freshly whipped cream. Gosh... I could go do it all over again...!!

  2. thank you both. Beegirl, those waffles sounds super yummy!