Monday, June 22, 2009

count down is on

in one week from today we pick up the truck and begin our move. i'm sooo excited to settle into a new place and start to build a home for the four of us. some things i'm looking forward to about our new space are:
  • having a backyard that is ours! i've already been imagining early morning coffees out on the patio, wathcing my son playing various things.
  • living so close to a playground, outdoor pool and waterpark.
  • being within walking distance of family, especially because we are a one car family so I'm without a vehicle on weekdays.
  • our kitchen is very nice. i can't wait to do some baking in there. first up on the list is some sourdough bread. i've been dying to start a sourdough starter but have been holding off until after we move.
  • having space to garden, even if it is not a lot of space or mostly container gardening.
these are just a few things. i can't even tell you how stoked i am. stay tuned for picks of the new place.

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