Friday, February 22, 2013

three months

hazel bee 3mo blog
I'm late in posting this as Hazel is already 4+ months but I suppose this is what happens when you are the third.  I actually had started this post and had it sitting in my drafts for a month but we've had colds/flu/strep throat circle through our house 3 times since the middle of december and it was forgotten about in this last germ fest. Ugh. I think we are all finally past it (fingers crossed) but none the less I'm a little paranoid of catching anything else. Hazel has been an exceptionally happy baby despite her having more colds in her first few months than either of my other 2 had in their first few years. another hazard of being a third I suppose. Lucky for her she has a house full of people to coo and fuss over her and tell her how lovely we all think she is.
hazel bee 038
because really how can you not love this little face! (as I'm typing this Lilly comes up behind me saying "ooooh Hazel! Look how cute she is!" in her best gushy voice.)


  1. I love her expression of interest and concentration. I wonder what she's thinking? Sweet, sweet little girl.