Tuesday, February 26, 2013

a new hat for Hazel

pilot cap 01 sm
I was so excited to find Hazel's tiny pilot cap shoved in the pocket of a rarely-worn jacket but sadly it was getting to be too small by the time it turned up. Thankfully I really enjoyed this knit and so I whipped up a new one in a larger size and a colour that is less gender neutral (you'd be surprised how often that little grey hat was mistaken for blue).  Speaking of blue, I'm soaking this girls eyes up while I can because I'm pretty certain the colour won't be sticking around. Both Oliver and Lilly had blue, blue eyes for the first year or two and they gradually changed over the next couple years, Oliver's settling on a copper colour very close to his hair and Lilly's a hazel-grey. I'm not entirely sure hers aren't still changing , but time will tell I suppose.


  1. So pretty! I've just knit two of these caps -- my first time following a pattern, and I am thrilled that both turned out perfectly. I love the yarn you chose, and the baby is darling. No more babies here, so my caps are photographed atop a large candlestick. -- michele

    1. thank you! good for you for just jumping in with a pattern. It really is a lovely little hat isn't it?