Friday, March 25, 2011

spring weekend

This time of year is always so exciting to me. The sun starts to have some warmth to it despite the crispness that still lingers in the air. The days stretch out enticingly and you start to remember summer. I find this season so inspiring and refreshing. I feel like a can finally breathe again after a long winter cooped up.

Last weekend our local nursery opened for the season and we rushed to get a dose of some spring colours and some animals. I think I was even more excited then the kids about the whole thing. I love the goats there and this time of year brings sweet baby ones.
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...and that is our weekend in a nut shell.
(I also attended Fibres West but I'll leave that for another post)


  1. Ooh, I can't wait for our gardens to be ready for planting! I'm so glad Spring is finally here!

  2. Me too!! we are starting to plan what we want to try growing this year. are you doing a veggie garden?

  3. Looks wonderful! I don't veggie garden yet. We have no room and it's still snowy... sigh.

  4. That beautiful golden sunshine does call doesn't it. Good for you that you have your ears tuned to hear it. I loved seeing the happy faces of the children. It made my heart rise up, up , up.......

  5. I love spring too - it's so great to get outside. Your photos are great - especially that one of Lily sleeping :)

  6. In that last (big) picture of Oliver, he reminds me of Freddy :) And I am totally jealous of his hair! Freddy's been trying to grow his out....

    And man, that's pretty! I need some spring asap!