Friday, December 31, 2010

knitting for me

I've done a lot of gift knitting over the last few weeks. it's my favourite kind of knitting to be honest, but I pulled out a pair of mittens I started this summer and it was nice to do a little knitting for myself. Maybe I'll finish them in time for spring like this pair.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

what begins with C

I've always been a huge fan of "Laverne & Shirley" especially the outfits! oh the oufits! I love that Laverne had an L on all of her tops and dresses. love love LOVE. I may have briefly considered monogramming all my clothes with C's at some point. I've recently started following a few vintage lovin' blogs and have consequently caught the thrifting bug. I used to shop at thrift and vintage shops all the time as a teenager but haven't done much of it over the last few(ok more then a few) years. ANYways. all this blabbering on just to say "look LOOK at this awesome find"

what begins with C

Yes that's a "C" brooch! And better yet it was only a buck. I love a good deal.