Thursday, December 17, 2009

a quick knit

i'm sooooo in love
onto the next project. i started my mom's christmas gift last night. a festive Christmas mobius in the most delectably soft, squishy yarn i've ever worked with. i am, from here on forward, the biggest fan of malabrigo merino worsted. i love the subtle colour variations and the softness Oh the SOFTNESS. the pattern i'm using is great too. just enough challenge to keep me interested but still simple enough that it's knitting up very quickly. perfect for a gift started fashionably late.


  1. oh i just love merino wool! it is SOOO soft! i cant wait to see this when it is finished!

  2. oooh, I think it'll turn out so beautiful!
    i wish i was half as crafty as you! :)

  3. thank you both for the comments :)

    Coco- i had no idea wool could be so lovely. I'm so happy with the finished product! I'll try to take some pics tomorrow.

    Tanya-you are more crafty then you give yourself credit for ;) Oliver has a beautiful hat and scarf to prove it.