Wednesday, December 30, 2009

on to a new year

i hope everyone had a merry Christmas full of warmth and family. i'm happy to report we've survived the cram-packed hustle and bustle that surrounded the holidays this year. it was completely exhausting but totally worth it. i even managed to finish up my christmas knitting and such minus a few snowflakes that need to be starched, and squeezed in a day of Christmas baking with my sister. we both hope to make it a yearly tradition.

as the holidays wind down all i really feel like doing is curling up at home with a few new creative endeavors, something new to read maybe and a cup of tea (or ten). i'm on a real knitting binge right now. it's my hobby-of-choice at the moment and i'm really enjoying how relaxing i find it.

some new yarn-malabrigo silky merino in "cloudy sky" i just couldn't resist this dusky blue colour

my first knitting project of 2010-a gift for a good friend

a little indulgence
a little indulgence- flannel pj pants, a new knitting magazine, and a copy of "Twilight". i can hardly believe i've jumped on the Twilight bandwagon, something i swore i'd never do, but i've really enjoyed the first book and the first 2 movies.

some inspiration from my knitting magazine-i plan on making all the projects on the right page