Friday, July 24, 2009

beautiful african fabric given to me as a "thank-you"

not alot to blog about lately. were still settling in and getting back into the swing of things but I can feel my fingers itching to do some watercolour painting or some sewing. my house is crying out for some art on the walls and some colour and texture. i was given a very generous thank-you giftcard to chapters {along with the fabric pictured above} for some design work i did so i've been oogling and making a wishlist. one thing i've decided is that with books it's a never ending list. in the meantime i've got a birthday party tomorrow to plan {my name is colleen and i'm a procrastinator} numerous knitting projects on the go or on my mind, cupcakes to bake, a house to clean and a teething baby so my hands are, needless to say, full. hope you all have a wonderful weekend

Monday, July 6, 2009

suburban paradise

little oasis
well we survived our move and are trying to settle into our new home. i have to say that so far i am loving it here and i really think we'll be very happy while we are here. one thing that i am particularly excited about is our japanese maple tree in the backyard {ie small cement patio=tiny piece of concrete heaven} growing up we always had one of these trees in our front yard so they always feel like "home" to me.
a little piece of heaven

stay tuned for posts on our little herb garden and a gimp tutorial for a friend