Monday, June 22, 2009

sweet summer bliss {3.365}

ahhh strawberry season. i love this time of year when yummy fruit are in season, and days are warm and seemingly endless. these berries were imported from california and while tasty enough they are nothing compared to the tart, flavourful local berries just coming into season. i got my first sampling of local fruit yesterday and boy, there is nothing better. takes me back to my childhood of sunfilled summer days in the country at my grandparents home scavenging for wild strawberries amoungst the brush. they were hard to come by but soooooo worth the hunt.

count down is on

in one week from today we pick up the truck and begin our move. i'm sooo excited to settle into a new place and start to build a home for the four of us. some things i'm looking forward to about our new space are:
  • having a backyard that is ours! i've already been imagining early morning coffees out on the patio, wathcing my son playing various things.
  • living so close to a playground, outdoor pool and waterpark.
  • being within walking distance of family, especially because we are a one car family so I'm without a vehicle on weekdays.
  • our kitchen is very nice. i can't wait to do some baking in there. first up on the list is some sourdough bread. i've been dying to start a sourdough starter but have been holding off until after we move.
  • having space to garden, even if it is not a lot of space or mostly container gardening.
these are just a few things. i can't even tell you how stoked i am. stay tuned for picks of the new place.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

on to #7

i may be a little scarce around here for the next couple of weeks. we are moving. again. in the (almost) 6 years since we've been married we've lived in 6 places. moving used to be sort of thrilling. my husband and i both enjoyed the fresh start in a new place but now two kids later {one of which is still very much a baby} it is dreaded a little more then anticipated. anyways just wanted to give a heads up that i may not be blogging much in the next few weeks. then again i may actually blog a little more what with all the time i'll be enjoying while procrastinating packing things up