Tuesday, July 12, 2011

playing catch-up

cheering on Gramma
has almost a month really gone by since my last post? Life has been so busy, full of kindergarten teacher meetings, birthdays and parties, long-weekends and fireworks, afternoons in the backyard, melting ice-cream cones and everything summer brings. I have oodles and oodles of photos to share and so many thoughts and dreams swirling around my head and sometimes it's easier to just be silent but hopefully I can catch up at some point and share a little bit of our fun.


  1. awesome picture of Oliver! and yes please, more pics and updates! I feel like we haven't "talked" in ages...

  2. thanks Tanya. it does feel like ages!! are you home now or still visiting family? can't wait to see pics from your trip

  3. I won't be back till Aug 22, so probably will upload all the pics then.
    What have you guys been doing? When, oh when, are you finally coming to OR?

  4. Wow Tanya that is such a nice long visit!! I don't think we'll make it to Oregon this summer. that coast is calling me though and next time we go we are for sure coming through Portland!