Thursday, July 21, 2011

kicking off berry season

There's nothing better then fresh local berries. We wait with eager anticipation for the local farms to open for the season and boy is it worth the wait! Their berries always make the imported strawberries taste like water in comparison. One particularly sunny afternoon a few weeks back, we headed over with Gramma and Papa for a little treat. Strawberry milkshakes to kick off the season!
krause 006
krause 002
krause 007
krause 003
krause 004
Mmm were those milkshakes ever good!!


  1. Yes! next time I wanna try the pie!

  2. The pie is delicious! And now they have fudge...also delicious!
    ps I have pictures of that same tree.

  3. haha that's funny about the tree :) Mmm fudge! I can't remember the last time I had some

  4. strawberries are my fave. strawberry shakes are my flavourite. their pies are so good they are served in heaven. i read it in the bible somewhere....