Tuesday, July 26, 2011

dappled sunlight

Lilly 003
We are lucky enough to have a beautiful Japanese maple tree in our back yard which I love. I have to be honest, it had a lot of swing in the decision to rent this place, or at least it did on my part. We had a big Japanese maple in our front yard growing up and they just always feel like home to me. Oliver spends hours climbing in it's branches or playing in it's shade. I love watching the leaves change all different shades of crimson, but what I love best is the sparkly, dappled sunlight it lets through in the mornings.


  1. I began writing this with my hands in the wrong place on the key board and it looked like a fascinating foriegn language. Maybe Swedish.
    I agree with you that "home" always beckons, and comforts and your children and grandchildren will grow to love what you love. Thus we hold the hand of the generations before.

  2. I love dappled things too and especailly the little dappled girl, so intent at her play. A picture may be worth a thousand words Colleen, but I am loving your words!!!