Monday, May 9, 2011

what i'm reading, what's on the needles

I took this photo last week as part of the yarn along posts I've been (sporadically) taking part in but one thing lead to another and then the weekend happened and now here I am. I thought I'd still share though since the knitting part of this blog has been lacking as of late.
yarn along
I've been ogling Jamie Oliver's cookbook Jamie at Home the past week or so. Wow is it ever inspiring. Not only is it full of amazing recipes it has tons of info about gardening and using local foods and such, the photography is amazing and the graphing design is just beautiful. All of Jamie's books that I own or have seen are inspiring but this is my favourite by far.

I decided to cast on for a new hat, a nice quick project to get the knitting juices flowing again. Or so I thought. I've since frogged it and so I have to re-evaluate my gauge before I start again.

To be perfectly honest my heart wasn't really in it. I've been spending all my creative energy trying to absorb as much info about photography and trying to better learn my camera over the past few weeks. Last weekend I caught most of Zack Arias' course on creativeLIVE and all I can really say is WOW. So motivating and crammed FULL of so much info. My head is swimming with all kinds of daydreams. But then that's not really news, I'm always dreaming about something. There is a course on food photography coming up this weekend that looks I'm definitely going to watch as much of it as I can. if you haven't heard of creativeLIVE you really should check it out.


  1. what does "frogged it" mean? I know "gauge" and "graph" but "frogged" is a knew and very fun word. I can only guess.

  2. haha it is a funny saying if you're not familiar with it. it just means to rip out what you've knit.

  3. beautiful image, colleen ... i LOVE jamie oliver!!