Wednesday, February 23, 2011

yarn along

yarn along
a pair of cozy mittens and a magazine I'd forgotten I'd picked up on our weekend away
~ joining in for this weeks yarn along

Hello Wednesday. It's been a little grey here lately, in weather and knitting and spirit. Still recovering from the flu and although I've miraculously escaped any sickness, I can't say the same for the other members in my family. Go away flu!

We actually had a surprising little snowfall on monday and while it was beautiful to watch and actually perked me up a bit, it's always so grey after. Magazines are always cheerful and inspiring and so I've been scouring the pages and dreaming of spring. We did some beautiful sunshine over the weekend. I mean clear blue sky, sun in your eyes kind of weather. I'm holding my breath for more of that.
Until then I'm in hibernation mode. Enjoying cozy socks and lots of tea, scrabble with the husband, knitting on more projects than I can keep up with and lots of snuggles with my kiddos.
swatching for my first sweater ~ Coraline


  1. Such pretty knitting. Great job. Feel better soon!!

  2. The mittens are beautiful! We are still looking at snow here in PA :)

  3. Our eyes crave light and color and pattern. The sun gives us all three. There is no color without light, and shadow surrounds us with pattern, but even gray days have a luminescence. We just need to add the color and pattern. I guess that this is one of the reasons knitting and quilting are so soul satisfying. Knit on! I love to look at the patterns you create. So inspiring.

  4. your mittens are so pretty and i LOVE sunset magazine.

    the coraline sweater is really pretty also. i just bought wool to make a similar sweater, 'leah's lovely cardigan' in "more last minute knitted gifts".

    i hope everyones in good health now!