Sunday, February 20, 2011


I've never thought I was one to be drawn to purple but I've recently finished two shawls both of which are different shades of purple. I really couldn't be more pleased with them...ok to be perfectly honest I'm completely stoked about them and totally get why others love shawls. I always lumped shawls into the category of matronly, prim, old-fashion, you get the jest.

I was so so wrong. They may just be the perfect accessory and I'm glad to live in somewhere where the dampness often requires a little extra warmth.

Anyways, my most recent FO (finished object) is Ysolda Teagues lovely Damson shawl that I started last spring. I always thoroughly enjoy knitting Ysolda's patterns and this was no different. I won't lie the garter section seemed to go on forever but once I got into the border pattern I just couldn't put it down. the only modification I made was to do a garter stitch border in place of the loopy trim the pattern called for. While I really liked the pattern exactly as it was written I thought the garter border made it a little more streamline and casual. Just a little more Me.
damson knit in malabrigo sock in eggplant

The other shawl I finished up in January just before (like I was up until about 1:30 the night before) our little trip to Seattle. The colour reminds me of the sky in the winter and I just knew the minute I saw the yarn what it had to be. I've had Mara by Madelinetosh in my knitting queue for an embarrassingly long time and I actually love it so much that I plan to knit a second one only slightly larger.
mara knit in malabrigo twist in zinc

I know I've briefly shared about both of these so thanks for baring with me. I wanted to share some photos that showed them better then my quick phone shots. hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


  1. I think they both turned out really pretty! That shade of purple is awesome, and I am not even a purple fan.

  2. Thanks Tanya [hey long time no talk :) ] I think I'm a newly converted fan of purple.

  3. Shawls,so lovely, who knew?!!! And mauve is just grey with a blush of purple. Elegant. I'm a newly converted fan of purple too now.

  4. The first picture of you is just beautiful!! You should frame it! And the shawl is nice too-LOL!

  5. Mom- "mauve is just grey with a blush of purple" that is exactly the colour. I think I like any colour that is grey with a blush of another colour

  6. how lovely! i just started the border section of damson myself. i love the yarn you chose - the color is beautiful!

  7. thank you :) I really enjoyed the last bit of the pattern. Hope you do as well

  8. i love that you shared more about these, they are really lovely. i have so many projects too, but these are both definetly on my list!
    you look beautiful in both.