Monday, March 15, 2010

in which i look back

well march is plodding along. we've all enjoyed having Jeff {husband} at home for a few days at the beginning of the month even if the circumstances weren't ideal. but he's back to work now and things settling back into their usual routine. i've got a few projects on the needles and a few more waiting in the wings.

turquoise damson
on the needles- damson by Ysolda

i'm just realizing that i've never blogged about how the olympic challenge i entered panned out......I won silver! soooooooo exciting as i rarely, if ever, win things. it was a totally random draw for the prizes so i feel pretty lucky to have won. i was so excited in fact that as i was busy jumping around the living room in glee i stepped on one of my sons toys which caused me to knock the coffee table over onto my foot. if you knew me this wouldn't really be surprising. it reminds me of my first presentation in fashion school. we had to design and create an outfit from found objects and only 10% of the garment could be out of fabric. anyways, i designed a full , gathered skirt out of a road map and a bustier out of the inner-tubing of a tire. pretty cool but as you can imagine not exactly comfortable or sturdy. so there i am actually wearing this get-up and standing in front of my classmates whom i'd only met a few weeks prior. i go to take a step to the side while pointing to my inspiration board and turn my ankle lurching myself over and threatening to toss me, paper skirt and all to the ground. i can still hear the gasps of everyone and see the looks of horror on their faces. no doubt they were all glad it was me and not them. somehow i managed to straighten myself out and continue on with the presentation but it was not one of my finer moments let me tell you. thankfully the complete mortification i felt was quickly outweighed by the humor.

the illustration from the design board.
boy can i tell that i was just beginning to learn fashion illustration!


  1. That sounds exactly like ME! When I told my boyfriend I was a gigantic clutz (after bumping into the door frame really hard, as I do about five times a day), he got angry at me telling me I shouldn't be so negative about myself... What he didn't realize was that I was just stating a fact! : ) I've learned to live with it and accept it as a silly part of me, but honestly, sometimes I wonder if I should have the centre for coordination in my brain checked... ; )

    p.s. I think the drawings are great!

  2. did you keep the skirt and the top? I made a "trashion" sketch for my art class last term, your drawing reminded me of it! :)

  3. fridica- thank-you about the drawings :)

    oh man i can definitely relate! i'm always bumping into doorways or the corners of walls. glad I'm not the only one ;)

    Tanya- i kept the top but i'm pretty sure the skirt has not survived LOL. I'm just counting back and realizing it's been 9.5 yrs. WOW that went fast! I wanna see what you did for your project! you should post about it.

  4. It was only a drawing which I am not even proud of - I am not an artist... :)
    I am going to have to look at it once I get my portfolio back though!