Wednesday, May 13, 2009

things I love about being a mom

most days i can hardly believe i'm a mom let alone a mom of two but when i really stop and reflect on it i feel very blessed by my kiddos. they are, by far, what i am most proud of. anyways as mother's day is just behind us i thought i would share a few of my favourite things about motherhood.
  1. i love seeing the relationship between my son and his little sister develop. he truely loves her and regularly showers her with kisses and affection. i think the feeling is pretty mutual. she has her eyes glued on him whenever he is around her and he was the first person she smiled at. i can imagine there friendship in the years to come and am just so excited to see how it grows.
  2. my son who is almost 3 is a little spitfire. he has a quick temper and very strong ideas on how he wants things but he is also one of the most affectionate little boys i know. he just feels things a little stronger then most i think and expresses exactly what he is feeling. one of my favourite things is when he wraps his arms tightly around my neck and says "i love you soooo much mommy" *melt*
  3. i love that my daughter (4 months) is so smiley in the morning. nothing better then a big gummy grin.
  4. being able to wear my babies not only allows me to have my hands free it lets me snuggle them those few extra moments. one thing if come to realize is that my kids will be little for such a short time and the time is going faster everyday. babywearing lets me forget that for a little while.
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