Friday, May 15, 2009

f 141

my son is ALL boy. he's noisy and rambunctious and constantly playing some form of hockey. oh the hockey. he eat, sleeps and breathes hockey. he's been that way since he learned to walk. it's not an uncommon thing to find him dead asleep with his stick or a puck grasped tightly in his little fingers.

i tell you this only to come out with this son LOVES pink. if given the choice he will always pick pink, whether it's the pink straw or the pink juice or the pink cup. i like to think that it is because he was suddenly surrounded by PINK everything when his little sister arrive at the beginning of january (that's when he first started to show his preference) and that his love for the colour is a reflection of his love for her. in all honesty i have absolutely no problem with it. i mean, who wouldn't love pink. it's a very cheerful colour.

anyways, i've been working on his sweater (which he is super excited about, sweet boy) and yesterday afternoon we were chatting about it, i asked him what colour buttons he wanted on it. he paused for a moment and then brightly replied "PINK!"

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