Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oliver's flower

Oliver's class grew flowers for Mother's Day. We have been holding our breathe for the blooms to open so Oliver was pretty excited to wake up this morning to a bright pink bloom. Lily's are one of my favourites!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

the Dairy Farm

Oh the farm life. There is something so appealing about it isn't there? Or maybe that is always true about a life other then the one you are leading. You know, the grass being greener and all that. I've dreamed of living on a farm, or at least in the country, with some chickens, a few goats and honey bees since I was a little girl. I'm adding a cow to my list of dream-farm animals. I got to go with Oliver's class to a dairy farm this week and it fueled my want for country living. Oliver got to milk a cow which was a highlight for him and I got to tromp around in boots and listen to the spring breeze rustling the leaves of the giant oaks stretching out over the barn. We learned that while all dairy cows in BC (or Canada? i forget now) are given a number, most are also still given a name. I loved that! The kids all got to milk Rita which I thought was a particularly great name for a cow.
field trip 2 bw
field trip 3
field trip
field trip 04

Thursday, May 16, 2013

the park

We went for a little walk through the trails of our favourite park saturday morning. The weather was perfect and we were delighted by all kinds of creatures including three large frogs, a bunch of busy bees and a couple stealth hummingbirds.The thing about having a favourite place to explore is that you get to see it during all the seasons and that is my favourite thing of all.
mother's day 003
mother's day 002
mother's day 005
mother's day 004
mother's day 006
mother's day 009
mother's day 007
mother's day 008

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

six months

oh sweet Hazel
hazel 6 001 bw
This girl turned 6 months recently. That's half way to a year people! She has recently mastered sitting up on her own and has just today started to pull herself around with her arms so needless to say she is keeping us all on our toes.
hazel 6 months blog
Lately, I've been itching to make some kind of hairbows or headbands or something for Hazel. I have a few cute ideas pinned on pinterest that I may just have to give a whirl. You know, with all the free time I have. But seriously wouldn't she look adorable with a bow in her hair?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

these two

Lilly calls school days "girl days" and they usually consist of her re-dressing herself about 14 times, a lot of dolls and a few tea parties or picnics. Oh yeah and a whole lot of silliness on Lilly's part. That girl is a goof.
L & H