Thursday, March 14, 2013

5 months

hazel bee 5 mo blog
Hazel turned 5 months on tuesday. How did we get here already? How is my teeny, tiny, sweet little babe almost half a year old! Time has a way of just rolling on. As much as things change and get crazy and toss us around like tiny pebbles in the crashing surf the everyday things continue to go on. Oliver is still Oliver, Lilly is still Lilly and now the older Hazel gets the more I can see glimpses of who she will be.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

golden ears via iphone

A few weekends ago we set off in search of the lower falls at Golden Ears. We had attempted this before, once being too late in the day to make it out before the park would close and then again this past summer. That time we were turned away as the park was too full (note to self: stay out of provincial parks on a holiday) Anyways, we left earlier in the day determined to make it to the falls, and prepared to get a little muddy if we had to.  Thankfully despite our wet weather the trail wasn't as mucky as I'd expected. It's funny to see our kids personalities coming out. They have such definite likes and dislikes already. Oliver could have gone on forever, exploring every bunny trail and gnarled up, hollowed out stump along the way. Lilly was less than thrilled about the whole idea. And that's an understatement. She basically wailed the whole way in and would have wailed the whole way out but I took pity on her and piggy-backed her most of the 2.7 km back to the van. (now that is a good work out!) In her defense we had all been sick and she was the freshest recovery and not quite herself. I'm not giving up hope that she'll come to love a good tromp through the woods eventually.
hike 02
hike 01
all photos were taken with my iphone and edited with vscocam